The authority is involved in conservation of the following catchments in the region.

  1. Lotikipi Basin - The catchment is in Turkana County
  2. L Turkana Catchment - Climate change has lead to declining water levels.
  3. Turkwell Catchment - This catchment is in West Pokot and Turkana counties. It is one of the water towers of the country.
  4. Kerio River Catchment - It is in Elgeyo Marakwet county it is currently facing acute encraochment.
  5. Suguta Catchment - It is in Samburu county it is faced with acute soil erosion due to overstocking.
  6. Baringo-Bogoria Catchment - This catchment experiences soil erosion, land degratation and invasive alient species (Prosopis).

The Authority promotes sustainable environmental protection and natural resource management through implementation of conservation initiatives within Cherangany watershed catchment areas, developing water resources and storage; for irrigation, domestic and livestock use. The Authority recognizes that conservation and sustainable development of forest ecosystem and their associated resources is essential for lasting poverty reduction and sustainable development. Forest ecosystem are important in conservation of soil, water and biodiversity as wel as moderation of climate