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The KVDA region has a potential for development of hydropower. Turkwel hydro power generating station has an installed capacity of 106mw. The region has other rivers with hydropower potential that includes; Arror, Muruny, Perkerra, Embobut, Kimwarer and Wei wei which has potential for small hydro-electric schemes.

H.E.P Potential in the Region KVDA has mapped out other potential areas for hydropower generation as detailed below

River Discharge Potential Output
Arror 4m3/s 70MW
Embobut 2m3/s 45MW
Kimwarer 20MW
Moruny 3m3/s
Kerio 9m3/s
Perkera 3m3/s
Molo 2m3/s
Waseges 6m3/s