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Several regions within KVDA have considerable mineral potential that has not been comprehensively explored and exploited, mainly due to difficulty in accessing the areas and the great distance possible markets. The minerals existing in the area include limestone, gypsum and ornamental stones.

KVDA has emphasized on the sensitization of the potential investors as the key to unlocking the mining potential of the region. This could be done through providing articles about existing minerals. Some of the measures that should be implemented to enhance exploitation of mineral resources in the region include:


  • Intensify the exploitation of the minerals with their jurisdiction for income generation and poverty eradication. Some of the minerals that can be explored within KVDA area are limestone, talc, gypsum, fluorspar and marble.
  • Public-public partnership or public-private-partnerships are viable options for mining exploration in the region.
  • Institutional linkages: the authority should take lead in this venture and develop institutional and collaborative linkages with relevant organizations and institutions to conduct and resource mapping of the mineral and other unique natural resources within the region.
  • Residents should be encouraged to join self-help groups where equipment’s can be easily lent to them.