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Solar Energy

Solar insolation provides natural light and energy while sunshine and wind can be used to generate electricity. The ASALs, which constitute to about 80 percent of the country’s land mass, experience long hours of sunshine which typically amount to over 7 hours a day. These have enormous potential for solar energy generation with the highest potential being in North Western Kenya in Lodwar. High-speed winds are generally common in Northern Kenya (around Marsabit), the coastal zone, Maralal, Keiyo, Eldoret and Ngong Hills with these areas being ideal for wind power generation.

Based on the sunshine hours, it is feasible to utilize solar energy devices in most of the KVDA region, particularly Northern parts of Baringo, West Pokot and Turkana.Actually, the thermal power plant, in Lodwar that produces 66 KW is also fed by solar. The chief disadvantage of the solar cooker is that a heat source is most needed in the evening or early morning.


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