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The region is endowed with picturesque landscapes, landscapes, lakes, national reserves, geysers and hot springs museums and substantial amount of wildlife. However, tourism is not well developed with the major hindrance being lack of adequate tourism hotel and catering facilities. This problem is made worse by the fact that tourists cannot easily travel into the remote areas of the region where game is found.

However, like everywhere else in Kenya, the rural access roads between the trunk roads to the entrance of tourism destinations are unsatisfactory and inadequate for there is a tendency for rural roads to be neglected. The region has one major airport; the Eldoret international airport. In addition, there are several public and private aerodromes established and maintained by private partners and semi-autonomous government agencies such as the kenya wildlife service.

Therefore, KVDA should provide also a cooperate and engage in these initiatives to exploit the potential of the presence of Eldoret international airport for direct flights to boost tourism in the region.