Kimwarer Multipurpose Dam Project

The project is located in Elgeyo Marakwet County, Soy Location. The Kimwarer Dam and Hydropower Project is located on the Kimwarer River. It is bounded by the Elgeyo Escarpment in the West, Kerio River in the East and Kimwarer Escarpment in the far South.

Kimwarer river catchment area is 136km² with the dam riverbed at 2414m above sea level.

This provides adequate water and sufficient head to generate 20MW and irrigate 2000 ha of land.

Developing the multipurpose project will provide improved food security and improved livelihoods of the communities

Project Rationale

Sustainable development, food and water security.

The region has enormous potential for hydro-power generation as demonstrated by the numerous rivers in the region.

The project will contribute towards alleviating electricity supply deficit in the country, improve food security and will guarantee supply of water for industrial, domestic and irrigation.


Specific Objectives of Project

1.To produce 20MW of electricity through development of two HEP along the Kimwarer River.

2.Expansion of area under irrigation by bringing additional 2000 ha of land under crop farming to support the country’s food security

3.The production and distribution of potable water for both domestic and livestock consumption

Expected Results and Benefits

  • Production of hydropower 20MW to address electricity supply deficit and contribute towards the Country`s 5000MW target
  • Improved water supply and storage
  • Increased crop production and enhanced food security
  • Environment conservation to achieve 10% of forest cover
  • Economic development of the region
  • Creation of direct/indirect employment opportunities for 1500 people
  • Improved household income from agricultural activities and expanded commercial activities
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