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Welcome to Kerio Valley Development Authority

We are proud to be the leading public organization for economic development. Our mission is to lead our community in building a stronger and more diverse economy.We are endowed with beautiful geography, rich culture, and an amazing history.

KVDA promotes public/private sector collaboration, delivering business development initiatives focused on new investment and job growth, and enhancing the competitiveness of business climate. We invite you to become a part of our business community, building a better future for us all.Welcome to KVDA.

Sammy Naporos – Managing Director

Thank You.

About KVDA

Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA) is one of the six Regional Development Authorities (RDAs) in Kenya, established by an Act of Parliament CAP 441 with a mandate to, in part, initiate, plan and develop resources along the Kerio River basin. The Kerio Valley Region covers the counties of West Pokot, Turkana, Baringo, Elgeyo Marakwet, and part of Samburu and Nakuru Counties, with an estimated population of about 3 million people.

As part of its planning mandate, KVDA embarked on the preparation of an Integrated Regional Development Master Plan
(IRDMP) 2013-2033 that identifies resources in the region and provides a roadmap for optimal utilization, with a view to livelihoods improvement in the region. The IRDMP is aligned to the Kenya Vision 2030 and provides strategies for among others peace-building initiatives, irrigation-led agriculture, mineral exploration, value addition and conservation of water catchment areas such as Cherangany Hills Water Tower conservation.


To promote conservation and sustainable  management of river basin based natural resources through integrated development for the improvement of livelihoods.Mission Statement img


A prosperous, green and conflict free society

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KVDA is mandated by Law (Cap 441) to plan, initiate, co-ordinate and monitor implementation of programmes and projects that transcend administrative boundaries within KVDA’s area of operation. It is also mandated to maintain a liaison between the institutions (KVDA), Government, Private sector and other agencies on matters of development in the area in view of limiting duplication of activities and ensuring best use of Technical, Financial, Human and Natural resources.

Core Functions

To initiate programs and projects that contribute towards poverty reduction and wealth creation.

To promote irrigation and storage of surface water.

Mobilization of resources and promotion of efficiency effectiveness in their utilization.

Provision of water both for domestic and livestock use.

To improve the sustainable management and use of natural resources.

To promote catchment conservation and rehabilitation of degraded lands.

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