Chesongoch farm is situated in ElgeyoMarakwet County on a 120 acre farm located at 2kms north of Chesongoch town in Marakwet East sub County. Established in 2014 the centre is engaged in the multiplication of Galla breed of goats.

The land set aside for the centre was freely donated by the local community of Murkutwo location for the project in 2006.The breed selected for breeding during initial stages of the project was Galla goats. The Galla goats are reared for meat and its twinning rates. Other positive attributes of the breed include high growth rates, premium mature weights and its ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions commonly experienced in arid and semi arid lands in Kenya.

On average the center has the capacity to raise 30-50 young breeding bucks for sale to farmers in a year.

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