Kerio Valley Region is endowed with a significant number of mango trees. It is estimated that the region has capacity to produce over 50,000 tonnes of mango fruits each year with a potential to earn farmers more income with value addition.

The Authority has invested in propagation of improved grafted mango tree seedlings through its certified mango nurseries which specialize in raising new improved varieties such as Vandyke, Tommy Atkins, Sensation and Kent in addition to production of conventional mango varieties like Ngowe, and Apple.

The Authority raises over 500,000 improved grafted mango seedlings annually. As a result farmers are benefiting from increased yields and high quality fruits.

Kerio Valley Mango Fruit Juice is a flagship product of Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA). The Authority provides a platform for empowering rural households along the Kerio Valley Region by providing ready market for their mangoes.
Our quality mango juice is processed from variety of mango fruits sourced from the Kerio Valley region. KVDA provides capacity building to mango farmers to increase the quality and quantity of mango fruits.

Value Addition

KVDA has tapped into value addition and has established a Mango Processing Factory in Tot, Elgeyo Marakwet County that processes mango fruit Juice.

The factory also processes  fresh mango fruits into mango puree which is sold direct to high value markets.

The mango puree is further processed into ready to drink fresh juice (Kerio Valley Mango fruit drink )  and packaged in appropriate packaging bottles of different sizes (500ml and 300ml).
Through capacity building farmers are encouraged to form farmers associations/cooperatives to ease supply of mangoes to the factory  and reduce post harvest losses.
The KVDA mango juice factory provides farmers with a reliable and stable markets hence improving farmers income. It has also created employment opportunities for the local communities  thereby improving their livelihoods.


Kerio Valley Fruit Drink Mango is available in the market, sold at the local markets within Kerio Valley region and KVDA sales outlets
  :: KVDA plaza Eldoret,
  :: Nairobi Liaison Office,
  :: KVDA Offices in Samburu, Lodwar and Kabarnet
  :: Government ministries
  :: Major supermarkets and shops

Health Benefits

The mango fruit has a high nutritional value and it is known for combating nutritional disorders.
Mango juice contains all known vitamins and many essential minerals including Thiamine, Niacin, Calcium, Iron and Potassium therefore recommended as a portion of your daily diet.

Kerio Valley Mango juice

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