Napuu Irrigation

The irrigation project is located at Napuu village, Nawaitorong sub-location Kanamkemer location in Turkana County. It is situated, at longitude 35⁰ 39′ 14” E and latitude 03⁰ 06 ‘ 27” N at an altitude of 477 metres above mean sea level. The region is within the expansive ASAL area which experiences extreme climatic conditions occasioned by limited rainfall which is inadequate for farming. There is widespread food shortage in the region which has contributed to high poverty levels.

Arising from the above challenges and to address food security in the region, KVDA has implemented 150 acres of land with GoK funding of KShs 65 million. The farm has been planted with Sorghum and other crops which are expected to produce 150 tons of food crop after 4 months.

The Authority has successfully implemented phase I of Napuu II and therefore proposes to expand the infrastructure such as boreholes, power supply and sanitation facilities.

Project objectives

To develop additional infrastructure to gather for additional water supply, sanitation facilities and reliable power supply.
To improve access to water for farming, human and livestock consumption.
To build the capacity of the youth and women to be engaged in gainful employment through agro based incomes in dry land agricultural activities.
To serve as technology transfers centre

Expected Output

The 150 acre farm will be planted with seed maize which is expected to mature after 4 month period. At an average of 1.5 ton of maize per acre, the total yield is estimated at 225 tons.

At the current market price of seed maize is KShs. 70 per kg, the estimated revenue of 225 tons will be (225,000 x KShs. 70) = KShs. 15.75 million per harvest or KShs. 31.5 million per year. The payback period on the investment will be 3 years.


The project is practicable and sustainable as it relies on renewable green solar energy for pumping and running the entire Centre Pivot System. The project has an excellent return on investment especially if high valued crops are grown.

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