Pasture Seed Production

Kerio Valley Development Authority is currently a producer of pasture seed and is registered by KEPHIS as a seed merchant involved in production, processing and marketing of pasture seed.

Our flagship pasture seed is Cenchrus Ciliaris(African Foxtail Grass) which is the grass of choice for Asal areas. This is highly palatable grass species with high leaf production. It is one of the most popular cultivated pastures especially in the most arid parts of Kenya. Under good management it can produce up to 200 bales of hay from one hectare of land.

Its advantages are as follows:
  • It is easily established by seeding
  • It response quickly to low rainfall
  • It is drought tolerant
  • It is adapted to heavy grazing
  • It has a deep rooted system up to 2 m deep

Farmers who intent to grow their own pasture buy pasture seeds from KVDA Chemeron Station.The seed is packaged as Rangeland Pasture Seed in 2kg and 10 kg packets.

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