Pasture management during dry spells is a major challenge to livestock farmers/pastoralists especially when it fails to rain and there is lack of pasture and fodder for their livestock. The situation can be quite costly to a farmer who was not prepared for the drought.

Maintaining a healthy herd through a dry spell calls for extra efforts by the farmers. Some of the measures farmers take to cushion their investments against adverse effects of drought are culling and pasture management.  Under good management it can produce up to 200 bales of hay from one hectare of land.

KVDA sales hay to cattle farmers in KVDA  area of jurisdiction. The hay grasss is grown at Chemeron  (KVDA farm) in Baringo county. The grass species grown is of high nutrutive value rich with all the desired nutrients for beef and dairy cattle

The hay is mainly sold at Chemeron farm directly to farmers.

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