Production and Afforestation

KVDA propagates a number of assorted tree species which are good for conservation of water catchment areas, rehabilitation of degraded arid lands and for establishment of farms woodlots. This is carried out in central agro-forestry nurseries distributed in the region
Planting of Tree Seedlings A number of factors should be taken into consideration before embarking in any tree planting activity. These factors include: species choice, climate, altitude, site conditions, season and expected output (products). Generally the best time to plant is the beginning of the wet season as soon as the soil is moist.
Site Preparation Trees can be planted in both cultivated and uncultivated land. In all cases, the planting sport should be clear of weeds to a radius of a least 1m. Clearing has to be done to remove completion and to prevent disease outbreak and pest attack.
Planting Holes Planting pits are normally done by hand in advance in the appropriate site. Preferably this should be done 1-2 days before planting. The size of the hole should be 2ft. diameter and 2ft. deep. Separate the top soil from the sub soil. Spacing varies from one species to another and also depends on the intended products.
Generally tree planting is spaced 2.5m * 2.55m. Trees planted along contours or as a boundary can be planted at a spacing of 2m. Tending and Protection of Planted Seedling Watering of planted trees should be done in the case the amount of rainfall received is not sufficient. The young seedlings should be protected from browsing animals.

Importance of Tree Planting

  • Soil fertility improvement

  • source of firewood

  • Aesthetic value (ornamentals)

  • source of fodder for livestock

  • reduced global warming

  • soil erosion control

  • source of timber, poles and posts

  • act a wind breakers and shades

  • hydrological circle role (source of rainfall).

Kerio Valley Development Authority promotes the establishment of farm forest (woodlots). The initiative targets private land owners and public / private institutions who are encouraged to set aside a portion
of their land for woodlot establishment. The farmers and institutions are expected to get income from the sales of trees / products. They also help in increasing forest cover in the country and reduce environmental degradation.

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